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A1 DPF Cleaning

Regenerate your DPF to its original efficiency
A fraction of the price of a replacement

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Why Clean Your DPF Filter?

Overtime, or due to incorrect oils or maintenance your DPF can become blocked. Many mechanics and service centres will tell you that DPF’s can not be cleaned or regenerated. They recommend you waste over $4,000 on a replacement. Our new State of the Art European Flash Cleaning system achieves the exact same result as a replacement, at a fraction of the cost. It's the intelligent choice.


Only 30 minutes to regenerate your car DPF and 120 minutes for your truck. Book an appointment for same day delivery! We get you and your vehicle back on the road sooner.

Varified Results

Thanks to the back-pressure test before and after the cleaning cycle we're able to verify that your DPF is back to healthy functioning.


We'll recover your DPF to its original efficiency. Our custom made DPF Cleaning Machine is superior to alternative cleaning methods on the market.

Save Thousands

Our state of the art cleaning machine imported from Italy enables us to provide you a premium service for a great value price. Save thousands.

Discover how cleaning your DPF with us will get the most out of your Diesel Engine and save thousands in repair bills.

Effective & Innovative

Previously some organisations and mechanics would try and “clean” or “regenerate” Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) using extreme heat or harsh chemicals. DPF’s are built using special precious metals and composite materials. Therefore “cleaning” DPF’s using extreme heat or harsh chemicals damages the DPF. Consequently, DPF’s that were poorly “cleaned” would not operate correctly and eventually fail, catastrophically sometimes.

  • Robust new technology
  • Ensures the safety of your DPF
  • Save thousands in repairs
  • Recover the original efficiency of your DPF